About Us

Lacy’s Legacy Scottie and Westie Rescue is dedicated to the care, protection and placement of Scottish and West Highland Terriers. It will also strive to provide breed education and health information to those interested in adopting a Scottie or Westie.


In 1990, what started out as a curiosity about Westies became a life long love affair when our first “Little White Terrier” came to us from what was then the Wright County Humane Society.  Neglected, abused and with a tongue that was just a little too long “Lacy” started us down the Terrier Trail.

The years since have been filled with many other Westies, both our own and those rescued and placed in new homes.  Having met Jan Seeger and her organization, “Memory of Monroe Scottie Rescue”, working with her, seeing the fantastic network of volunteers and having adopted two of the best Scotties ever, we felted honored and blessed when she asked us to continue her rescue work.

So thus is born “Lacy’s Legacy Scottie & Westie Rescue”, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the protection, rescue and care of these wonderful creatures.  We pray for your continued support and look forward to many years ahead.

John and Stephanie Wisecarver